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patient perspective in home, social, and work settings.

Donna, actual ADHD patient

Experiencing ADHD at Home

ADHD symptoms can affect life at home.

Symptoms of inattention such as often being forgetful in daily activities and difficulty with organization can make it challenging to accomplish daily tasks like remembering to pay bills on time and keeping appointments.1-3

Hear how Donna, an ADHD patient, experiences symptoms at home.

This was Donna's experience. Individual experiences may vary.

Donna: an ADHD patient
When I talk to my doctor about my symptoms at home, I tell her about how often I forget and get off task, how hard it is for me to finish a project, how I'm always running late because of those things.
Donna, actual ADHD patient

Social Impact of ADHD

ADHD symptoms can interfere with a patient’s social life.

ADHD symptoms can interfere with or reduce the quality of social functioning.1

Discover how ADHD symptoms may interfere with Donna’s social life.

This was Donna's experience. Individual experiences may vary.

Donna, an ADHD patient, discusses her ADHD symptoms during social situations.
When I’m trying to relax, I just can’t sit still.
Donna, actual ADHD patient

ADHD Impairment at Work

ADHD symptoms can cause impairment at work.

Inattentive symptoms of ADHD such as often being easily distracted and making careless mistakes can often impact work productivity. It's important to talk about symptoms patients experience at work.1,2

Hear Donna’s experience with ADHD symptoms in the workplace.

This was Donna's experience. Individual experiences may vary.

Donna, an ADHD patient, discusses her ADHD symptoms in the workplace.
Often, in the middle of a page or paragraph as I’m reading it, my mind will go off and focus on something else.
Donna, actual ADHD patient

QandADHD Fact Sheet

Use the QandADHD Fact Sheet for a deeper look at how your patients’ ADHD symptoms extend beyond the workday.

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